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Are you in the process of looking for a new dentist? If so, you may feel overwhelmed by the many options discovered while researching online. The term “family dentist” is one you have likely encountered along your search, and you may be left wondering just what exactly a family dental practice entails. There are two important things to know right from the beginning. The first is that a family dental practice is not only for people with children. The second is that there is no specific age range requirement you must meet to become a patient.

Family dentists are inclusive and well-rounded offices that are great for people of any age, background or family dynamic. Family dentistry simply means that the care the practice provides is suitable for any member of a family. This diversity of care provides many advantages for many different types of people. By working with a wide range of people, they are better equipped to predict, diagnose and treat many types of dental issues.

What are the Advantages of a Family Dentist?

They Make Things Easier for Families

As the name suggests, a family dentist is a great option for an entire family to receive dental care in the same place. Every member of the family will be familiar with the doctor and their team, which creates a comfortable and familiar setting for everyone. It also simplifies things like scheduling and transportation, as the office staff will be familiar with each family member’s schedule and dental needs. It also makes matters like billing and insurance coordination much easier, as families will not have to keep track of different policies and coverage between different practices.

They Have a Wide Range of Skills

Since family dentists are trained to treat patients of any age, they will have a wide range of skills and extensive experience in solving many different issues. They will be more keen to detect issues early on, and better able to explain and prevent their consequences. They will also have a more impressive technical ability than a non-family dentist. For example, since children’s teeth are smaller, treating them requires a high level of motor skills. This can translate to adult patients who can enjoy the peace of mind that they will also receive precise care.

They Can Be Your Dentist for a Lifetime

When you choose a family dentist, you can be confident that they can effectively treat you indefinitely, even as you age, develop new cosmetic goals for your smile or encounter the issues that accompany advancing age or increased tooth wear. Keeping the same dentist is important. For one thing, it allows you to build a more meaningful relationship with the people who work there. This makes visiting the dentist a more pleasant experience. For another, the doctor and their team will be familiar with your particular situation. This means that they can provide better care than a new dentist who is simply basing their treatment on medical records instead of firsthand experience.

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